Do you think web design is about instinct?

Me neither. To me web design is one part architecture and one part meaningful strategy.

To get the job done, we need a solid foundation, and best practices by default.

Bootstrap is a UI framework to help jumpstart your front-end code.
Thus, it's just the right tool for the job.

You don't even need to be a web designer to let it help you achieve a solid default design to build upon.

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Bootstrap In Practice
Rinaldo Bonazzo

Having been a programmer for the last 30 years, I didn't know anything about web design.

With Bootstrap In Practice, I was finally able to take Bootstrap for a spin.

And I like it!

Rinaldo Bonazzo, Product Specialist Manager at Entando

Feeling lost

The problem I find is a lot of people don’t even know where to start with it. That's why I decided to share what I learned.

When I started using Bootstrap a couple years ago, I sensed it was a great tool but I had to hustle nonetheless to understand it and become productive as quickly as I needed.

Version 2 saw a complete rewrite of the docs, to much better results.
Version 3 is now even clearer.

But I still find people approaching it for the first time fail to grasp enough about it to become productive as quickly as they need.

Enter Bootstrap In Practice

This book is not a comprehensive guide to all-things-Bootstrap. Nor an in-depth replacement for the official documentation, which is actually very well written and covers almost any aspect of the framework.

No. This book is the introduction to Bootstrap I wished there was two years ago, when I needed it.

I wrote this book to help you start with Bootstrap and learn what it takes to use it for fun and profit.

Knowing Bootstrap

Learn the basics. Dive into building your first page with Bootstrap 3 and tame the grid system.

Fly through the fundamentals with to-the-point instructions and a healthy dose of nerdy examples.

Using Bootstrap

  • A landing page.
    A few touches for a nice result.
  • A CRUDL (CReate Update Delete List).
    The archetype for every web application.
  • A blog post.
    Elegance comes with Bootstrap by design.

Get a free sample

Get a taste of what is included with the book.


Learn about the new grid system: the basics, nesting, positioning, and the new 4 grids in 1 introduced with Bootstrap 3.

Want to learn more about Bootstrap?
Take a look at these posts on my blog.

Interviews With The Champions

Thoughtful insights about the present and the future of the web.

Learn what Michael Bleigh, CEO of Divshot, shared about the future of its powerful creature which was inspired by Bootstrap.

Consider the present and future of web interfaces with Brad Frost of Future-Friendly and This Is Responsive fame.

Mark Otto Brad Frost Thomas H. Park
Justin Dorfman Michael Bleigh

Mark Otto, Brad Frost, Thomas H. Park, Justin Dorfman, Michael Bleigh.

William Ghelfi

About the author

Hey, hello. I'm William Ghelfi.

I was born, then suddenly started growing up. Never stopped since.
I'm a former poet and musician turned web developer, turned teacher, turned web designer, turned... you get the point.

Being what I am, and all at once, earned me the privilege of being a UX Engineer at some cool companies.

I live in Cagliari, Italy. If you need to contact me, I'm @trumbitta on Twitter.

The Complete Package Get it now for free

The book + hands-on resources and tips.

Bootstrap In Practice

Bootstrap In Practice

197 pages of examples in a PDF ebook. A solid introduction to Bootstrap covering all the necessary to be productive and start profit the minute you put the book down.

Step by step examples

3 Git repositories with the sources of the hands-on chapters from Part 2, with every incremental step enclosed in a single commit.

Bootstrap themes

3 original Themestrap themes you can use for refreshing the default look and feel of Bootstrap.

Pro tips

Description of a tested work environment featuring browsers, editor, plugins, tools and more.

Justin Dorfman

I'm in the book and I'm still going to buy a copy.
It is that good.

Justin Dorfman, Bootstrap CDN · powered by MaxCDN
Bootstrap In Practice

The Book Get it now for free

— Since 2018/04/22, makes you download the Complete package
The budget option.

The book is were I spent the most time.
I wanted to make sure I was really writing an easy introduction to Bootstrap 3.

The resources included with the complete package are great and useful, but the book is still a 197 page PDF filled with examples.

And let's not forget the interviews with five champions of the web.

So, if the budget is an issue – an issue I know well – I highly recommend getting the book by itself. You won't regret it.

Questions? Please drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer them.

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