How I tamed Unity on Ubuntu 13.04

I like Unity.
I mean, I like the new menu system and window manager. And. It. Stops. Right. There.

So here’s how I managed to retain some mental sanity and reach a good balance between my needs as a human being with a computer and the crazy interface designers working hard at Ubuntu to make us all go bonkers.

My desktop

Keep on reading for how to obtain it.

My Ubuntu 13.04 desktop. Now with less Unity

Phase 1 - Unity Launcher GTFO

  1. sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool
  2. Open Unity Tweak Tool and use it to:
    • Shrink the Launcher width
    • Make it automatically hide till summoned (lol, seriously, dude. You’re not going to be summoned EVER AGAIN.)

Phase 2 - Unity Dash sucks, Gnome Do rocks

  1. sudo apt-get install gnome-do
  2. ALT + F2gnome-do
  3. Edit the preferences and give it a new shortcut like <Super>space

Phase 3 - Unity Launcher, I told you to GTFO

  1. sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
  2. ALT + F2ccsm
  3. FilterUnity → choose Ubuntu Unity Plugin
  4. Go to the Launcher panel → Key to show the Dash, Launcher, and Help Overlay<Control><Super>

So it is <Super>space to summon the crazy powerful gnome-do and <Control><Super> to summon Dash the sucker.

Phase 4 - I am a human being. I need a taskbar and panel.

  1. sudo apt-get install tint2
  2. <Super>spacetint2
  3. Beer

I used to be very happy with Docky, but with Ubuntu 13.04 it was super crashy. On the other hand, Cairo Dock was just too much for me.
All in all, tint2 was the perfect fit.
Kudos to Andrea Dessì @NKjoep for pointing it to me!

Bonus - My tint2rc

To make tint2 feel a bit more Docky and a bit less taskbar (as you can see in the screenshot at the beginning of the post).

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