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Bootstrap in practice: Tomorrow is the day

It's done. It's all ready.
Tomorrow is launch day for Bootstrap In Practice.

Bootstrap In Practice

It's been a long ride, and I am tired but happy. I learned a lot about myself and about things I didn't know.
But let's go straight to the important stuff!

The Book

Bootstrap In Practice is a 197 pages long PDF filled with examples.

Here is the table of contents:

Part 1 Knowing Bootstrap

1 · What's Bootstrap
2 · Your First Page
3 · Styled HTML Fundamentals
4 · Components
5 · JavaScript Plugins
6 · Resources

Part 2 Using Bootstrap

7 · A Landing Page
8 · Create, Update, Delete, (Hit) List
9 · A Blog Post

This is the book I wish there was two years ago, when I started using Bootstrap.
It will help you to quickly grasp the basics (well, much more than the basics actually) and get productive in the littlest time possbile.

The Interviews

Included with the book, there are also quick but insightful textual interviews with five champions of the Web and Bootstrap.

  • Mark Otto, creator of Bootstrap
  • Brad Frost, future friendly frontend designer
  • Justin Dorfman, maintainer of Bootstrap CDN by NetDNA
  • Michael Bleigh, CEO of Divshot
  • Thomas H. Park, creator of Bootswatch

The Extras

I put together a hands-on complete package which includes:

  • The book.
  • 3 original Themestrap themes for refreshing the default look & feel of Bootstrap.
  • 3 Git repositories with the source code of chapters 7, 8, 9 and every incremental step enclosed in a single commit.
  • The description of a tested work environment with tips, plugins, and more.

A Sample Chapter

I asked to the mailing list what part of Bootstrap was the hardest to understand for the newcomers, and the response was clear and loud: the new grid system.

So here's the new grid system, tamed for free.

To everyone who has helped, inspired, supported me, thank you so much! And to my wife, who always gives me strength right when I need it: I love you!

Bootstrap In Practice goes live tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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