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Bootstrap in practice: A preview

First things first: the book is ready!


If you already subscribed to the mailing list, you may have received a little sneak peek with the Table of Contents plus the Introduction and the interview with Mark Otto, creator of Bootstrap.

I'm linking it again here, just in case: Get the sneak peek [PDF · 3MB]

Mystery release date

I plan to release Bootstrap In Practice on a mystery day from Sept. 5th to Sept. 8th.
There will be a "launch day sale", so for the first 24 hours the prices will be lower.

The day before the launch, I will send an email on the mailing list announcing it. So, basically, if you are on the mailing list you will know about the launch day in time for the launch day sale.


These final days I'm working hard to finalize two different packages for you to choose from:

The complete package

  • ~200 page PDF book
  • 3 Git repositories with the sources of the hands-on chapters from Part 2, with every incremental step enclosed in a single commit
  • 3 original Themestrap themes you can use for refreshing the default look and feel of Bootstrap
  • Description of my daily work environment featuring browsers, editor, plugins, tools and more

The budget package

  • ~200 page PDF book

Also, on the final sales page I will include a sample chapter, different from the sneak peek, and covering your first page with Bootstrap 3 as we learn about the new grid system.

A goodbye!

So, the time is coming. In less than 10 days, Bootstrap In Practice will be here.

Stay tuned!

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